Based on the seven sins, Balaya has worked to craft more then enough weapons to auppliment and counter saber deactivating enemies.

Saber One:
  • Color: Purple
  • Name: Sloth
Saber two:
  • Color: Purple
  • Name: Pride
Lightwhip One:
  • Color: Crimson
  • Name: Lust
Lightwhip Two:
  • Color: Crimson
  • Name: Envy
Hidden Sholto Lightsaber:
  • Color: Red
  • Name: Anger
Duel-phase Greatsaber:
  • Color: Red
  • Name: Gluttony
Double Blades one handed saber:
  • Color: Red with pulsing waves from an unstable crystal
  • Name: Greed
Dark'chyld saber
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Name: Dark'chyld
BLASTECH:CZERKA:INDEPENDENT:MANDALORIAN:SITH EMPIRE:ARMOR:BLADES:GRAUG:SPECIAL:MISC:Horsemen's Set: Named after the horsemen and taken from former rivals who have perished
Finely edged blade:
  • Named War
Acidic edged blade:
  • Named Death
Electro whip one:
  • Named Pestilence
Electro whip two:
  • Named Famine
Sector Five Armor
Sector Five Armor
Horsewomen Armor