Interviewer - Welcome, Moff Chadian and thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Alejandro - No problem, it isn't a secret that I love sharing my opinion.

Interviewer - Quite odd for a Moff of the Sith Empire, yes?

Alejandro - No. It just so happens all of my opinions align with the ideals of the Sith Empire.

Interviewer - Well, Moff Chadian. Recently, the Galactic Alliance has condemned the Zweihander Union for thier recent annexation of Illum. My question to you is why do you think the Jedi are so possessive of the planet?

Alejandro - Honestly, it's kind of fishy for me. Always has been. I don't trust the Jedi. They claim to practice the light but they do they really? I mean, they declared holy war on the Sith. Today, we have no engagements against them and yet they still seek to destroy them. Thier single minded

Interviewer - Well, that is certainly a conflicting issue. Now, Moff Chadian, you are the Chairman of the Bank of Aargau and considered to be one of the richest men alive. How much are you worth exactly?

Alejandro - I don't know. Honestly, maybe a few billion at the most.

Interviewer - Well, this next question has to do with the Sith Imperial Civil War. Now many people know of you and Moff Tithe as Bankers. It just so happens there are two bankers within the NIO as well. How do you view Gat Tambor and Darth Avernous.

Alejandro - I don't know them. But...let's just say they've mad a terrible choice in investments. That's all the time I have for now, dear. We have to do this again, sometime