Sith-Imperial Financial Edict:
Regarding the Loss of the Main SIBC Vault of Mygeeto

By the authority of the Chairman of the Great Interstellar Bank of Aargau, in cooperation with the Grand Treasurer of the Sith-Imperial Banking Clan, this following edict is take place immediately following it's release to the public. No exceptions shall be made following said release.

In order to compensate for the loss of the Main Sith-Imperial Vault on Mygeeto, all accounts within the Bank of Aargau that have either been unclaimed or unpaid shall be absorbed into the bank and all credit within shall be submitted to the Sith-Imperial Banking Clan.

The qualifications for this absorption are as follows:

  • 1 - A client has not paid his/her/thier account within the standard window in addition to not paying thier overdue fees. Because of this, his/her.thier account falls under Category A of this Edict.
  • 2 - A client has not claimed thier paid account and has been afforded Six Standard Months to do so. This client has failed to utilize this time and as such falls under Category B of this edict.