The Great Interstellar Bank of Aargau is very much aware of current events and as a planetary governmental body does not lack an opinion. The Executive Order issued by Vicelord Metus of the Confederacy of Independent Systems titled Confederacy First is a bold initave and one supported by the Bank. It is our opinion that the Confederacy, which has provided safety to many within the galaxy must tend to it's citizens first. It is nesscary.

The Galactic Alliance's announcemt of a new hyprrlane has peaked interest in the Bank of Aargau and as such is highly supported by the GIBA. It is the most logical course of action due to the Confederacy First Order. We wish the Alliance luck in this endeavor and if finance is required, please direct an inquiry to our primary offices on Aargau.

The recent Invasions (The Network Invasion of Mandolore, The Sith Empire Invasion of Kintan, and The New Imperial - Alliance Invasion of Muunilist and Mygeeto) have disrupted trade and financial opportunity within the Outer and Mid Rim. As such, our stance in these conflicts remain: NETURAL