Always loved that little saying with that one holoshow. Big, muscle bound human being... a big muscle bound human with a funny accent. I tried doing the same accent one day and it just... It was silly.
Anyways, as much fun as I'm having naming these journals, let's move on to the meat of the matter. The frame is done, the reinforced electrical systems are finally done, and now I can get the actual servos started.
It's a bit of a... big job.
Everything needs a servo, it seems. Joints, mainly, but then the joints need to anchor somewhere. It's getting a bit bulky, but I might be able to... shift some things around. The steel frame is able to take some high tolerances for stress, which is great. The suit is able to lift around one metric tonne with it's arms, though I think if I make a heavier suit I can push that up drastically.
Changing the weight load to different areas does affect the maximum weight lift, though. The arms lifting alone can pull up one metric tonne. If you combine all the servos and put all the weight above the suit, you're looking at two tonnes of weight held. Getting it there would be a problem, but once its there, the suit can hold up two metric tonnes.
The suit's hands aren't done just yet, but I'm planning on setting up smaller, but still powerful micro servos on the gauntlets. That way the suit can crush, rip, tear, and grab on to things with what I hope is enough to destroy durasteel. Maybe I can put a power field into the things.... Anyways.
The servos themselves are electrically reinforced and just as resistant to ion and EMP damage as the rest of the electrical system. They're also slated to be able to lift far more than they're currently set to, but that's a safety measure on my end. If I set it to full, the servos would burn out too fast to be useful. That, and I've made sure the servo power is within the safety rating of the armor itself.
I mean, you could theoretically disable the safeties once I hook the things up to the main control computers I plan on installing, but that would be a bad idea for most things. You could warp or break the frame and make the armor completely useless or lethal to use, not to mention having the replace the parts affected if you survive.
Which brings me to the next point. Replacement parts. So far, I've done my best to make sure that everything can be replaced if and when needed and either in parts or as a whole. The frame is a bit hard to replace parts on, mainly because its, you know, the frame, but it's doable. You just have to strip the outer parts off for the most part to unbolt the sections you need to replace, but you can do it, just with some time and effort.
Anyways, the servos look good and are functioning at one hundred percent capacity. So far, I'm happy with the work. Now for the rest of it...