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Chaos is freedom. No one forces you to do anything with your characters here. You can LOLport out of threads, you can outright refuse to take damage. You can write almost whatever you want, wherever you want.
Invasions. Invasions are the smelting pots of Chaos. All the writers really engaged in the Chaos galactic power struggle get thrown into invasions in great big sandbox environments. It's brilliant, you can't get into an invasion and stay in your clique. You'll come face to face with people who may have a different take on your own character. Hell, someone really good might write the pants off you and leave your character's ego battered and bruised. And that's ok.
Demanding other people edit their posts so they're not near you, even when it makes perfect in-character sense to be there and doesn't break any invasion guidelines - that isn't.
Look, I think these overly restrictive invasion rules are a blight on the site. Particularly duel counting and NPC troop count victories. These are only in place because your Faction Admins were not grown up enough to work out who won your invasions amicably and in a timely fashion.
The net result of this is that people are terrified to lose a duel, or take significant damage to their troops because they don't want to let their faction down.
Remember, go with the flow, enjoy your roleplays. Enjoy losing. Don't be a dick.

In my next blog post I'll be discussing the BYOO Invasion (bring your own objective). One sandbox environment set up by the Faction Admins, every other scenario and victory condition broken out and set by the players. It probably won't work, but it's worth a try.