Much like in the previous Admin's Blog, the Star Wars Chaos team wanted to continue the level of transparency on what the Staff has been working on the past few months. This is a way of letting everyone know what is exactly going on behind the scenes.
Without further ado:
1. Hex Invasions
Summary: One of our most heavily discussed subjects. This came as a suggestion from a member of our Site Feedback Forum. Nailing this one down has been interesting, with several different ideas from the entirety of staff on how to make this viable, simple, and fair. It is going to need a few tweaks, but we've come to a point where the staff is confident that we just might have it.
As of now, it has not progressed to a vote.
2. Spring 2017 Event
Summary: With the success of the Omega Event, we are looking forward to next year's event. Truth be told, our initial brainstorming for Omega split into two very interesting ideas, the latter of which will be our Spring 2017 Event. The Omega Event served to remind staff of what needs fine tuning and how to push forward with the new one.
Stay tuned for upcoming notices and interesting tidbits of information in the coming months!
3. New Member's Guide and Streamlining the Website layout
Summary: This is an ongoing discussion on updating our New Member Guide and find ways to streamline the Rules, Holonet, and Map information so that it is a bit more welcoming to New Members. Being able to jump in, learn where everything is, and type up a quick Character Bio to get straight into the roleplay is our goal; but to add to that, we also want to make sure that nothing is too confusing. Whether it would be to find a faction, learn how to create a sub-account, have a more visible Map location, or rename the Holonet so that it is easy to spot the guides. Ultimately, this revolves around a few of the Staff team being in charge of updating and streamlining the board for your convenience.
This may take a bit, but we hope at the very least it can give that helping hand to all current and future members.
4. Qualities RPJ's look for in Master Vote Nominations
Summary: This is an ongoing discussion among the staff to ensure we are all on the same page on what are the qualities and processes the RPJ's take into consideration for their votes. This is important because consistency and open communication are vital between current RPJ's, new RPJ's, as well as to the member base that they oversee the secondary Master voting process.
All in all, that's it for now. These updates will continue as things progress and are voted for.