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Globex Concierge - Choose not to Choose

This message is brought to you by the Globex Advertising Division.

Choices. What is life but a series of choices? When to wake up, what to wear, what to eat, where to walk, who to meet - it can get overwhelming, can it not? No more. The Globex Corporation is proud to bring you our newest life management system - Globex Concierge. With Globex Concierge, our artificial intelligence systems will sculpt your purchases and day-to-day activities to suit your needs.

With Globex Concierge, you can focus on the choices, people, and experiences that matter.

Sign up today; choose not to choose for a better life and a brighter future.

The Globex Corporation, for all your material needs.

OOC: Globex Concierge is a vaguely defined program where a consumer gives the company direct access to their financials. Benefits include but are not limited to never having to buy new socks (GC orders new ones as necessary), not having to plan one's week (GC only consults you if necessary), and not having to remember people's names if paired with compatible devices or cybernetic eyes.

Detriments include being ever so slightly Brave New World. Don't worry about it.

Globex Concierge is obviously heavily dependent on one's income bracket.
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Perhaps I'll find a use of one of these in the future. I assume it isn't too difficult to slice out the loyalty parameters and splice the AI with a few blocks of choice code.
Hexus Dominus Hexus Dominus

The SICs? Pretty difficult, probably, but nothing that'd require any kind of special justification. Off screen slicing is more than sufficient.

As an aside, they're not spies for Globex or anything - they just can't start shooting Globex personnel or something like that without slicing involved.

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