From the Desk of Silver Jedi Grandmaster Coren Starchaser

To my Jedi family;
There is a lot being discussed lately of an agreement between the Silver Jedi Concord, the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Sith Empire. In order to provide clarity on the events and how they work for the Jedi.

Remember, the Silver Jedi Concord is not led by the Order, they are not led by the Jedi. They are politicians and civilians, looking to live their lives. They may choose to take the Jedi dogma as a guide, but they also have their own decisions to make. The Bryn’adul are a threat to the galaxy as a whole, much the same, if you have read your history, that the Yuuzhan Vong were in the past.

During that time, those who supported the Republic ideals, as we try to, and those who supported more Imperialistic ideals, worked together. At times, it was against the ancient Vong, at others, it was against other foes who would harm one another.

I was, in fact, at the meeting with the Sith. And you all know my history, my family’s history. I am not a fan of the Sith. However, if we can use them to fight back the Bryn’adul, this may be worth it. It does provide us with a difficult position. Do we assist the Sith Empire against their enemies, and they assist us against non-Bryn threats. The military and politicians may assist the Empire.

To the Jedi, I request only this. You hold to the Code, if you feel that siding with the Sith to help protect life is the calling, that is for you to do. If you feel the need to volunteer to assist Concord military assets, I will respect that. Know that if the Sith come to a Silver world to assist in protection, I will be on the field alongside you, but beyond our borders, in battles not against the threat of the Bryn, this is not where I will be.

The Sith are not condoned by me, this is a matter of survival for the galaxy, against the Bryn. I shall not request anyone take up arms where they do not feel comfortable. The choices will, as always, be yours. All we can do is support the Concord in the best way we can.

I will defend innocents. And not politics.

I respect all of you to make the decisions for yourself. I will be monitoring the situation to the best of my ability.

My door, on Kattada, or Kashyyyk, is always open.

May the Force be with you,
Grandmaster Coren Starchaser.