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There were various stock exchanges across the galaxy. From the once busy catacombs of Coruscant towards Muunilinst, where Muun's exchanged and invested from afar and the notoriously busy ecumonopolis's of Denon and Eriadu in the Seswenna Sector, it wasn't unheard of for new companies to enter these places and place their shares up for sale for capital, which would use to invest into the company, gain some turnover and subsequently use the profits to buy back shares.

Chandrila DataTech was no different and had entered the stock exchange in a special auction that would allow investors and buyers to buy out shares and reap the benefits of profit that the company would generate on Chandrila. Having made a retail magnet on the footstep of Chandrila, who was famed for it's technology imports, DataTech was set to make a killing anyway. But obviously it's owner, one Alicia Drey, was hungry to expand and expand quickly.

1 share = 0.01% of DataTech. Each Share will cost 14cr per. Buyers will then take a percentage of profits generated by DataTech, so long as they have shares in the company. Individuals who buy five percent or more will have a place on DataTech's board.

Only 30% of DataTech's shares have been made available to the public and it's owner, Alicia Drey, retains the right to deny anyone who wishes to invest when they express interest in buying into her company.

Source: DataTech on Auction