Forging a Future for Humankind
The Nothmiro Federation


For the past years the galaxy has been a place of turmoil badly disguised as freedom and tyranny masquerading as order. Warlords tear each other apart for the scraps of the now collapsed Sith Empire, the hollow words of politicians ring through the Galactic Alliance and CIS, and an alien menace matched only by the dreaded Vong ravage the southern regions of the galaxy. Even with the most recent conflicts giving a fresh face to old parties the three players that have always worked against humanity have persisted, the alien, the Sith, and the holier-than-thou Jedi. However there is another option. The Nothmiro Federation shows a path forwards. We offer liberty, security and strength in equal measure, and promise a future worth fighting for. We are forging a future for humankind, and so can you.

What's in it for those who join?
  • For the scientist and engineer, material to fuel your ambitions
  • For the businessperson and manufacturer, capital to fund your ventures
  • For the soldier, the means to fight for what humanity has dreamed of about as long as we have looked up to the sky: a galaxy with the stars in our grasp
  • For all, a common goal to strive towards
Even if temporary or as a side contribution, join up and reap the benefits.

To victory!

For more information DM this account or join the Discord