Broadband Transmission
Origin: Aprox Hex R9 (Nothmir Star System)
Encryption: None
--------{Message begins}--------
01010100 01001110 01000110
This is a priority bravo non-military transmission by The Nothmiro Federation to all displaced Mandalorian citizens and combatants. You were once our brothers and sisters and now you have been humbled as we were humbled, but Carnifex did not show you any honor. They did not give parlay, they razed a founding world of our shared humanity with unclean fire and dark magic, then installed a puppet government that spat upon what your culture what was. We give you a chance at reconciliation with your lost kin, and an opportunity to strike back. Join us children of Mandalore, and reclaim what was once ours.

| Glory to Nothmir |

--------{Message ends}--------​
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