Something close to my heart and any ‘fleeter’ in the RP is the enormous space battles in the Star Wars moves. All six have some form of space combat, whilst three of them have full on combat. This, expanded by the EU, expands out the picture to the extent that Endor and Coruscant are phenomenal conflicts involving millions of crew and dozens of ships.

Through all this though the mechanics of how it works though is a bit of a mystery, and one overlooked or changed by each author.
Some have compared SW space battles to a mix of Jutland and Midway, which is an extremely apt description.

On Earth the traditional warships reached their peak in WWI, where mighty dreadnaughts patrolled the waves and fought titanic slugging matches with each other. But even in their time of greatest power and number the battleship was already on the way out. Advances in submarines and mines meant that steaming out without protection was doomed. What’s more, the fact that the great fleets only fought a couple of times testified to the value of these ships and their apparent fragility.
By the Second World War the aircraft carrier had replaced the traditional battleship as the king of the seas. From that point on the vast majority of ships were sunk not by shells, but by bombs and torpedos, and battleships became mainly used as massive seaborne artillery platforms.

Star Wars though is very different. There, because of protective shielding, the big ships retain prominence. What’s more, they also combine battleship and aircraft carrier into a monumental ship which can do both. Some ships are designed for carrying more attack craft, some less.
So we have both big ships and small attack craft, but how can the latter be useful against the former? The traditional answer is of course ‘bombers’. One needs their own fighters to destroy enemy bombers and let your bombers through to hit the enemy ships. Meanwhile the big ships fight it out.
Into this mix comes escort ships, who seemingly have a role to play in battles other than shooting down attack craft, though that that is I’ve never been certain of. These escorts would be best kept out of the front lines because presumably they would be smashed by bigger ships.

So in the end what we see is a mix of battleships and aircraft carriers, all working together to try and destroy the enemy. It is indeed an odd mix.