For a very long time, Bryn'adûl posed a huge threat to the Galaxy. This was also recognized by the Eternal Empire, especially after the Bryn’adûl attacked them as well. And after the death of Adrian Vandiir (Darth Prospero), the TSE-EE alliance survived essentially because of Bryn's threat. The Empress helped the Sith Empire to use them as a bastion against the horde of beasts. That is why he wanted the war to end and everyone work together. All of this is only history and we know it failed. Nevertheless, the Eternal Empire did not give up.

Eventually, after a long and tortuous journey, they stake one's all upon a single cast and attack Danuta. They were successful, thanks to Ashlan Crusade's help.

The Eternal Empire won victory over Bryn'adûl, and with this victory not only was the planet liberated, but the Bryn'adûl's empire collapsed. Over the planet, we managed to kill the entire ruling council, along with Osam. One, if not the greatest, threat of recent decades has disappeared. During the reign of terror of Bryn'adûl, countless... innumerable people died, hundreds, thousands of planets became uninhabitable. Now, in the eastern part of the galaxy, there is again a chance for the civilization to take back what was once taken from them by these monsters.


Thank you very much for participating! The invasion was difficult in the sense that I knew this would be the Bryn's last thread as Major Faction. Thank you for being a great enemy/opposition to the Chaos' map game in recent years. I hope you will be Major Faction again! <3 And thank you for allowing us to play your last thread with you!

List of participants:
EE: Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir , Viermen, Tovald Kahmen’’a, Mikilanna Mihaly, Steve the Ultranaught, Aximand Sicarus, Ghost "Frankie" Sterling, Laertia Io, Esmeralda, Ro-Tahn Mashayekhi, The Amalgam, 001-A-986 "Nix", Corin Autem, The Battalion, Iasha Rha, Salis
AC: Isla Draellix, Eina L'lerim-Vandiir (EE+AC)
CIS: Kyyrk
Individuals: Beltran Rarr

Bryn: Sethrak, Gal'Zhoren Gal'Zhoren , Naimes Ahn-Dross, Osam, Gordrak, Hrajlmak'Natok, Udomek Seker, Subject 648 Slipknot, Badar, Aberrant
Maw: Khaostra Devoid, Darth Mori

To everyone who participated in the thread.

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EE members:


Bryn members! Thank you again! <3

And for a promotion, Aximand Sicarus earned the Rear Admiral rank.