Federation of the Caridan System Is the name of the now national government. Born from the unification war. The positions of the governments are its Chancellery, its President, the Chief Justicar, and the Council.
The Chancellery and President share executive power. With the Chancellor performing the role as Head of Government while the President acts as the Federations Head of State. As its chief representative the President may act as the system’s Senator in the Galactic Republic or other galactic government. He or she may also delegate this role to another. The Chancellor acts as the systems Commander in Chief and oversees the governance of the system. Working with the President the two offices are supposed to help keep order and facilitate the transition into the new government. The Chief Justicar is the systems top judicial officer and is responsible for ensuring that the laws are kept in line with the constitution and that none of the three states step outside of the law. The council acts as the legislative body and consists of the political parties.
Chancellor Reagos (Head of Government); President Caius Flavian (Head of State)
Chief Justicar Basillia

The states of this nationalized government are as follows.​
The Republic of Cari​
An indirect democracy who votes in their Governor every five years. While rivaling Andiri in Tibanna refinery the moons of Cari are primarily agricultural based with only a few metropolitan moons. They produce over 60% of the food output of the system alone. Their agrarian policies has brought about a land redistribution.
Currently ruled by: Governor Aleksy Carinowski​
Succession: Deputy Governor Katrine Sylwia​

The Principality of Andiri​
A plutocratic regime ruled by a singular family, the Kurganova’s are Gas and Mineral barons. Stylized nobles with titles and power struggles for claimant of the wealth amassed over the years. They rely heavily on foreign export as well as imports from Cari for food stuff. The Kurganova’s claim their rule over the planet Andiri and its moons from several centuries back when the old monarchy designated it the Principality of Andiri. Insular in nature the Principality considers its a minimum a semi-autonomous state this attitude is especially being the furthest planetary body from the sun. They begrudgingly joined in unification of the system under one national government. When they are not politicking among themselves to become the next Crown Prince or Princess they are often looking to sell their minerals and tibanna to customers of free market regimes.
Currently ruled by: Czar Vladmir Kurganova;​
Succession: Crown Prince Viktor Kurganova; Princess Rozalyne Kurganova; Prince Hector Kurganova​

The Military Junta of Carida​
Ruled by a group of military officers. This Gaia world is renowned for its varied environments and its settlements and major cities are all designed with warfare in mind. It is a world steeped in militarism. Stratocratic in nature, every Son and Daughter of Carida have spent most of their oyuth trained in art of soldiering or voidsmanship. While their dress uniforms tend to be rather ostentatious their combat uniforms are properly attired for every environment along with suitable gear. The education of a Caridan is standardized across the world and all youth are imbued with a set of virtues. Free thought or ethical divergence from these virtues is stringently stamped out.
Currently ruled by: General Kurt Reinhardt; General Hans Natzmer; and Admiral Wilhelm Steinmetz​
Succession: None at the moment​