Unlike my other blog section this one is going to be personal and OOC.
I love Star Wars, more so than my other favorite universe 40k.
What I love most of all is the amount of creativity that has spawned from Star Wars. I remember when I first watched Star Wars A New Hope when I was very young. It struck a cord of awe that has kept my creativity always looking up to our sky and wondering what is beyond. Inspiration from Timothy Zahn and then the sequels depicting the rise of the Emperor Palpatine. The very themes and fantastic portrayals of such universe which could very well mirror our own in different ways but stil left that lingering impact of what could or was wrong with the world.
Today marks roughly 200 or so days (I've begun to lose count!) of being away from home on my first "deployment".
I joined the US Navy as a Reservist and lived a comfortable life of being a civilian and a member of the US Armed Forces.
I can say that today I'm grateful that I was voluntold for this "deployment" to GTMO rather than to a combat zone. I will never claim to be a veteran of conflict, but I can say that I've been part of the Global War on Terror. Regardless of political views of the mission I've been assigned I can not complain of being here.
After being here though for more almost eight months I can certainly say this is a moderately cush place to be. The Caribbean waters are beautiful, the sea is amazing to snorkel and dive in. An experience of a life time exists here albeit because of the overt factors that led to the necessity of me and others to be here.
There is the constant challenge of learning to be a leader and follower among many and keeping everything to a high standard. A balancing act which I'm certain will help me in life as I try and pursue living a fun and enjoyable life in the long run.
Again though I'm grateful and count my blessings that I have access to calling home whenever I can to those who I love. I'm grateful that I have access to the internet and can interact with others such as yourselves and role play in a common interest.
Most of all I'm grateful to be afforded the opportunity to serve in what is arguably the United States of America's biggest pariah. By that I mean is to have the experience first hand to both dis spell the myths which surround it and also to make as much of an impact in ensuring it does not reflect poorly on us as a whole.
The stressors of being away from home suck no matter where one ends up being deployed. From trouble with family and friends and difficulties with loved ones. That is probably the hardest part of this, obviously it was my choice that led to this, still it is a struggle to live with and overcome of not being there for someone or unable to help. Likely the most difficult part is missing those moments of importance from a siblings graduation to a death in the family.
Still though where one turns to for an outlet in life is just a critical to keeping up one's morale. That is why I love roleplay, star wars, and just trying to play around with issues in my characters that may or may not reflect what I've experienced or would like to experience.
We can describe this as escapism, surely though it is more of a pursuit of exercising our personality and testing our own boundaries in a safe and restricted manner. I love trying to portray the very things I'm against and it is fun because I love playing the devils advocate or at the very least understanding the different sides of the coin.
So yeah, amid my simple ramblings here, I enjoy Star Wars and everyone who is into role playing in its universe as it allows me to unwind and escape from silly things!

May your muse never tire and safe journey's in life!​