Executive Order: EO 860SP2-1

My fellow Confederates,​
Recent events have inspired a great look inward - and we have found ourselves wanting in many regards. We have discovered the truth that our concerns were ill-placed. That we focused our efforts on molding the way we do battle to best comfort those standing at our side. That we focused our efforts too greatly beyond our borders. As we, by means of the newly founded Inquisition, look inward to right the wrongs at home, we must also step boldly abroad.​
Today, we shall put the Confederacy first.​
To ensure success in prioritizing our people and our nation, the Southern Systems will be taking a removed stance on the Galactic stage. While we will always seek to remain friendly with nations with whom we had aligned, our militant responses will be reflective of our national focus.​
In the near future, we shall be implementing three measures to ensure that our sole priority is met:​

1. Termination of the "First Response" Doctrine - where Confederate assets are selectively stationed outside our borders for immediate answers to calls for aide.​
2. Asset Return - The immediate recall of all military assets and personnel stationed beyond our borders.​
3. Border Security - The conclusion of unrestricted access to and transit across Confederate space by non-resident or non-corporate entities.​

Change has come to the Galaxy. For the security and prosperity of the Southern Systems, we shall adapt - and therefore thrive anew.​