From the Desk of Bastille Rommer,
Kemotar and Viceroy of Ra'Katha.

To my fellow brethren with whom we all coexist in this vast galaxy;

Division and conflict have sowed the seeds of destruction between our great nations. Never has galactic civilization balanced so precipitously on the brink of total collapse since the onset of the Gulag Plague. It was that calamity that sundered our systems and sent the entire galaxy into a four-hundred-year age of darkness. And now, if the galaxy continues on this current state of mindless warfare and needless conflict, I fear for the same if not worse future.

There are many of those who may be reading this, asking who am I, and what is my credibility or position of authority from which I can make such bold claims. And my response is simply this: I have been both a passive and active observer in the affairs of the galaxy, and I have interacted with many others who would be deemed insignificant by most. Peoples who herald from worlds considered dishonorable and lesser simply because of their proximity to the Core, who have faced oppression and exploitation for millennia. They too sense our impending doom. And they, too, fear that unless we are corrected, doom will be brought upon the galaxy.

Now is a time more than ever that we must come together to fight a common foe. In the days of the New Republic, it was the Yuuzhan Vong, extragalactic invaders, whose menace forced the New Republic and Imperial Remnant to work tandem in preventing their fanaticism and genocidal means from destroying life as we know it in the galaxy. And now it is the Bryn'adul. Their combined genocide of worlds has slew trillions of beings. And their rampages have shown that the military force of one nation is not enough to curb their rampant, genocidal expansion.

I am often a critic of the federal government of the Confederacy, and rightly so. But in the signing of a defensive pact in which these three superpowers have united against their common foe, abandoning their grudges and conflicts to fight the Bryn'adul? This, I will endorse with every fiber of my body. The Confederacy, Silver Jedi Order, and Sith Empire have demonstrated that just as in days of old, nations of warring ideas and religions can come together for the betterment of the galaxy. They have proven that they are willing to make that sacrifice.

I invite the leaders of the New Imperial Order and Galactic Alliance to make that same sacrifice as well. I call upon them to abandon their wars of needless bloodshed and accusatory rhetoric. Now is not the time to send off our sons and daughters to die on battlefields fighting each other, when every being and every life form is needed to combat the Bryn'adul, lest galactic civilization and our peoples become extinct. Now is not the time to attack allies with inflammatory words, baseless accusations, and threaten war.

I also call upon the governments of the Confederacy, Silver Jedi Order, and Sith Empire to not misuse this alliance in battles ill-suited towards our collective goal. I say what I have already said. Now is not the time for fighting. I urge both warring parties to pursue peace, even if temporary, through any means necessary. It is imperative that we come together to fight this common foe.

I know that I am no head of state myself. I certainly do not carry the authority to speak for my nation, even if I may echo their sentiments. But let me say this to all:

End the Rhetoric. End the War.

Let us come together as common citizens of this galaxy to fight against a shared foe. For the histories of the galaxy will proclaim us as saviors should we unite against this universal threat. And if we do not? If you ignore this call for unity and continue fighting, continue dying all the while the galaxy is slowly consumed by the genocidal warpath of the Bryn'adul?

Then history, along with our galactic civilization, will simply cease to exist.

And that is a future that I, and the people of Ra'Katha, and I hope the people of the galaxy, will not let happen while we still have the ability to change it.