Intent of Cooperation between Roble Manufacturing and Kemotat of Ra’Katha
Distributed in Wan’ante and Galactic Basic

Citizens of Ra’Katha, Fondor, the Confederacy, and the Galaxy at Large,

Roble Manufacturing and the Kemotat of Ra’Katha are proud to announce the beginning of a new project that will bring increased trade, security, and prosperity to the previously named ‘Wild’ regions of space.

Roble Manufacturing and the Te’mansoa Industrial Works of Ra’Katha have enjoyed a growing industrial relationship, and both Roble Manufacturing and the Kemotat have an interest in creating secure trade routes to further develop the Wild Space region, in order to bring security to the many inhabitants that live in a currently lawless state, terrorized by roaming bands of pilots, marauders, and the threat of the expanding Bryn’adul from the Galactic North. Increased security and more efficiently hyperspace lanes would also see an increase in economic activity along these regions, leading to the further development and prosperity of Wild Space.

Roble Manufacturing, with the aid of the resources of Te’mansoa Industrial Works, will begin the development of new, clean, and safe technologies to create a streamlined hyperlane from Ra’Katha out into Wild Space. While planning is tentative and no final decisions have been made, it has been proposed that this hyperlane — to be named the ‘Frontier Run’ — will pass through multiple worlds before stopping at the Induomodo system.

Once completed, the Frontier Run will be patrolled and maintained both by Roble Manufacturing’s team of engineers, who will ensure that the technology used to carve the hyperlane is kept running smoothly, and the Ra’Kathan Mercantile Fleet, who will patrol the hyperlane to dissuade any pirates or marauders and promote commerce along the Frontier Run. Both the Kemotat and Roble Manufacturing will be heavily investing in the infrastructure and economy of each planet along the hyperlane.

In addition, Roble Manufacturing is also announcing its latest project to construct a deep-space production and administrative facility within the Ra’Kathan system. This facility will be state-of-the-art and will serve as headquarters for all Roble Manufacturing operations in the region.

All-in-all, this project is an initiative by both the Kemotat and Roble Manufacturing to bring economic prosperity to a region previously neglected by galactic powers. They are proud to announce their intention of cooperation and look forward to a brighter future for not only Wild Space but the Galaxy as a whole.