Wiring wiring wiring wiring wiring. I absolutely hate wiring. I get it. Electricity needs conduits to do things and get where it needs to go, but couldn't it be a bit easier? It's bad enough that I hate wiring things up, but with Hutt-sized hands the work is just that much harder. I could leave it to a droid, but... they don't problem solve too well in most cases.
Anyways, the frame is bulking out a bit. I've spent the last few days running wires and attaching servos to the quadranium bones. So far, so good. I thought about cutting a bit of cost and minimizing the actual amount of wiring used, but I don't think that would be a good idea. I figure that could overload the circuitry or fry something important in the end. Plus, with a bit of extra wiring and such, I can make the suit's electronics a bit more redundant.
So, essentially... I just made my job that much harder in order to make this thing that much better. I swear one of these days I'll palm this sort of stuff on one of my labs somewhere and take a vacation one day. Maybe. In the meantime, I have that much more wiring to do and I get to figure out just where to put it all.
On the plus side, it's pretty easy to anchor. I took a week or so and placed titanium supports and struts around the frame to 'flesh out' the skeleton. The bones will take the majority of the support and stress of the suit, the titanium is mainly to act as a sort of... placeholder for the things coming after. They're more for things to bolt on to like sensors, equipment, and armor plates.
Actually, now that I've written that out, I'm not sure if titanium is going to hold up well if I bolt the armor plating straight to it... Well, at least I'm only a quarter of the way done.
So... I'll just undo all the wiring, then, and replace the titanium struts for more quadranium. Actually, screw it. May as well use that quadranium/titanium thing I did on the long bones. What's the worse that could happen? This thing gets more expensive?
I'll say this, though. I specifically picked electronic wiring and servos that are EMP hardened. That should reduce the damage of high grade EMPs and ion weaponry and nullify the damage of low grade weapons of similar design. I'll just have to remember to do the same for the rest of the electronics on the suit, too.
Now... where the hell did I put that spanner wrench? Nevermind, I should probably get this wiring off, first. At least I used titanium wire. That should be easy to cut... Ah, bugger. I should probably replace that, too. Maybe a sort of... titanium/quadranium cable? That should do it, I think.
I'm not going to make many of these things in the end, but I think I'll still end up with a good profit. Maybe I can advertise them as hand-made?