Hey Diary,

It's been awhile since my last entry here. So sorry, was not ignoring you but just been busy with life. Asaraa has me training loads, teaching me all kinds of Jedi Powers, like how to heal injuries and improve the skills I already have. Apparently my dad taught her how to use Force Healing in a super aggressive manner, he injured himself and told her to heal his cut. Like what!!! That is insane and so glad that Asaraa decided NOT to do that with me. It has been hard to improve the skills I already have, to refine them and demonstrate my growth in the Force but I am powering through the struggle. It is tough training and I have been practicing daily to improve, meaning that my band practice has been slipping recently which sucks. Been tough not being able to focus on developing my writing style and get guitar skills improved. I struggled getting the F-chord played well, apparently it is a common problem when I was searching online for advice but my teacher keeps pushing the idea that the more I practice the more natural it will come.

So, my writing style is improving and I am getting a better rhythm for lyrics and even trying to harmonise the whole thing. The band is looking solid, I was talking with two of them (we have three people currently and looking for at least another two!) and they were stoked that we will able to do some practice this weekend. I have also been figuring out my clothing style, just because lately I have been gaining some height! Having to buy new clothes been exciting and so glad that Asaraa can afford to lend me money to get stuff cause I haven't been able to get in contact with mum to ask her for credits. Also tried messaging Nitya to figure out if she had heard from mum recently but been all quiet. I hope that they are both safe and that I hear from them soon. As much as Nitya can be a pain, she is family and I love her.

Really that is all I have been up to. I have been promised to get my own Lightsaber soon so I am looking forward to that, should be exciting, not sure where we will be heading to get the crystal but I know it will be great. I have a few ideas of the type of Lightsaber I want, I have done some research, there is like two or three styles that I want. I am trying to avoid copying dad in his choice, especially since I know that I am not the fighter that he was. There is the saberstaff, two blades are better than one, right? Also solid for defence and aggressive attacks. Classic single saber, which leaves a hand free to use the Force which is super appealing to me. Or, while this is similar to the single saber, I was thinking of designing a reverse Lightsaber. Leaves a hand free while also allowing me to try a few new things with my Lightsaber. So, those are my thoughts on what it could be but will have to wait for when I have my crystal to build the Lightsaber and see what it becomes.

For now, that is it. Hopefully next update I will have a Lightsaber and a full band! How awesome would that be?!