Dear Diary,

So, it has been ages since I have written an entry in here just because my schedule has been insane and I haven't had much free time to just sit and think about things enough to write them down. Vanya has been pushing me super hard with my training to use Magick and slowly getting a handle on how to use it, nothing to the level she can at the moment but there is a steady improvement. Which is great, whether Vanya is pleased with my progress is like impossible to tell, the woman shows no real emotions unless I annoy her with questions or act a little too light heartedly. The last one tends to happen more, she hates when I try making jokes about my skills. But I have gotten better with taking things seriously and just enjoy the difference in training there is between Vanya and Asaraa. Asaraa has been training me hard too, getting my skills in Makashi and skills in the Force up to par with my peers and push me to be better since I keep trying my best to be the best Jedi I can. It is tiring work, trying to balance being the best Jedi, best Light Side Nightsister and best band. Ugh! Not even talked about band practice! That has been the one thing that has slipped, my voice has been a little strained when singing so haven't been pushing my vocal skills as much as I should, which isn't great if I end up using Force Scream and tear my throat apart so seeing what I can do about that.

Training has been intense and just consuming my time, but I have been checking in on Kristyl and trying to get her outside more since the strike on Rhand. She was pretty shaken up after the battle, and it didn't help seeing how messed up I got as well but fingers crossed that she is able to move past it all eventually. She definitely has plenty of stealth skills since she had been able to sneak onboard the ship with no one noticing so I could totally see her being a Jedi Shadow type of Force User that sneaks around places and gather information. I haven't told her this yet since I still want her to feel bad for jumping into a battle but maybe some day I will say that I think she could be a decent spy if that was something she ever wanted to do. However, the choice would be hers, I think she would just appreciate some acknowledge of her skills. Asaraa was furious that we both went off, me, she wasn't too bothered with since I had training and the skills to survive, though being in the state that I was meant that she still had a go at me and swore to kill me if I ever died. Not sure what that means since I'll be dead and not sure you can kill a Force Ghost but I wasn't gunna argue with her, she had that intimidating mum presence going on at the time.

Lately, Asaraa has being weird around me. I think it has to do with the date that I went on, I wasn't super keen on talking details of my date with her but I think she might be worried about it going badly or something. She has been helicopter mum'ing, which means I have to keep reminding her I am fine and she isn't my mum, so chill. But I figure, at some point I might as well write about it or talk about it with someone so why not here. Therapist said this would be a safe place to write, with no spying cough ASARAA cough. The date went fine is probably the first thing I should make clear. It was with Sean, the drummer from my band, he was really sweet in asking me out and we went to see a movie and then grabbed some food at a nice place. It went really well and I really like Sean, dunno how much since it was a first date and my first date ever but I laughed a lot and it was so much fun. At the end of the night, we did share a kiss and that was really nice too. But then it kinda hit me, I can't do dating as well as running a band, training as hard as I am to be a Jedi and Nightsister, with the aims of being the best Jedi in the world. So, while it was a great night, I had to explain to Sean that I couldn't do it again since my other stuff was just too important right now. Maybe when I become the best Jedi ever then I think about dating but right now, I need to focus on achieving my goals, goals I had set way before meeting Sean.

So, if Asaraa has read this! Even though it is classified, and locked via fingerprint recognition, then there! That's why I was weird about the date and don't want to talk about it, I gave up spending more time with someone I like to focus on being a Jedi and Nightsister so I can be the best Jedi ever. Because I need to be the best Jedi ever! If she didn't read it then, phew and maybe I can look back on this and think about how different I use to be or how stupid I have become because I got old and boring like Asaraa!

Till next time diary!