Dear Diary,

I've had to relocate you after I spotted Asaraa reading you the other week, she can be soooooo super nosy and then wonders where I get it from! Gaaaaahhh! Hopefully she hasn't discovered this new secret hiding spot for you now. Training with her has been alright, I am getting better with my Force powers, even have that Force Scream under control though sometimes when I sing a super emotional song I can let it out without realising, since I don't think would be any good if we were to perform at a concert someday. So, needing to work on that but otherwise my powers have been really good and progressing quickly. I haven't spoken to mum in awhile, so still worried about her, Nitya has been busy but trying to keep in touch with her best I can, though dealing with one nosy older sister is bad enough, dread to think what I would have to deal with if there was two again! The band is slowly working out, I found one guy who could play an instrument and there was a girl who could drum, but she had to move. So back to nearly square one, we are auditioning and things are going well. Hoping that the next few people are ideal, the other band member and I discussed that we wanted to work with a mixed diversity, allowing us to explore different styles and different themes. Also, meant that a pool of applicants wasn't as limited, we aren't sure how big of a band we want, nothing too massive but a decent size would be nice.

Have I mentioned that I tried doing some training with Caedyn Arenais ? checks older pages Hmmm, must of forgotten to mention it. Asaraa wanted me to do some training with her bf, we ended up fighting and arguing. Not sure he likes me or gets me? Maybe next time we will both have cooler heads, don't think he understands what teenage girls are like, which is common for old guys. I told Asaraa that the training session didn't exactly go to plan, she wasn't happy with me but I didn't pay too much attention to the whole, "don't try fighting my battles for me, or sticking your nose in my relationships Dreidi!" Cause, she was wanting people to stick out of her business then she wouldn't be reading my diary right now would she! (P.S. Hoping that she doesn't read this but just wanted to accuse her in case she did find you.)

I went to a party, I was good and didn't try drinking alcohol, figured that no one would allow me anyway, not exactly the tall, beautiful type to fool bartenders. It did go weird, everyone was making googly-eyes at each other, flirting and acting odd. I even went on stage and sang! It was crazy and I was terrified but I did it and I think it went well. The whole evening is a bit of a blur in terms of memory. I even checked my notes in case I wrote something down of that night but it seemed to just be nonsense, though it did inspire a song. I called it My Medicine, I showed it to my bandmate, he mentioned it being a bit too dark for us and beyond his skills currently but a goal to aim for which I liked. I understood his points and liked that he wanted to wait on it, perhaps letting us improve it over the years as well.

Anyway, that's my update for now. Hopefully we will have a band sorted soon and more song lyrics that I can note down in here.... Maybe, we'll see.

Till next time diary!