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Volgho Hollows collapse, community aid, devastation in Suicide Slum, corporate social responsibility coverups
the quake footage Direx Board does NOT want you to see


CorpSec starts riots, uses chemical weapons and lethal force
you've heard the noise and seen the fires all over what they call a bad part of town
let's talk about the CorpSec murders and beatdowns that started it all - Sinter Tkan, Skaviss, Alec Vintr, Tayon Wrass

Cybros Advanced Technology Corp shutters ALL ops on Denon and moves offworld - so much for the Denon Dream


the corpo-controlled luxliner Empress of Denon gets sabotaged and robbed on its maiden voyage
kinda reminds me of my maiden voyage, come to think of it

rumors link that new slasher to a genetic engineering facility

Manfloon puts serious resources into extracting serious resources from Hosk-240, a potato that used to be a planet
superweapon testing or just really, really, really aggressive mining and mass relocation?
we talk to the relocated - the folks who know best

oh, and the Blue Dinkos gang gets crushed by a Mando with a big, toothy smile​

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