The characters referenced are the Direx Board of the Corporate Authority of Denon. Made this (with advice and consent from the Darkwire admins) after I finished reading an ongoing Darkwire thread series:
Join Darkwire. If this used-ship dealer can find a niche in Seven Corners, you can too.

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ORIG: Luminous Sun {DIREX}
RECI: Diviak Manfloon {DIREX}
SUB: Re: Re: Re: Explain yourself

Yes, I had them extend the contract to Darkwire in more or less good faith, including the SINCE REVOKED promise of a clean slate. The stakes justified it.

This whole plan was a nightmare. No wonder Larz and Xopsaloff didn't involve either of us until it was too late. Larz loves his games too much for common sense, and Xopsaloff should have stuck to his balancesheets. Finding out that Marlene was making bio/tech replicant droids? Sure. Using them to impersonate and discredit Darkwire shadowrunners at a level even HRDs couldn't fake? That much makes sense. Using a CORRUPTED VERSION OF THE PARCELLUS MINOR CYBERDIVE INFECTION TO COPY AND REPLICATE THOSE SHADOWRUNNERS' BRAINWAVES MAY IN HINDSIGHT HAVE BEEN A STEP TOO FAR

Having them eliminate Marlene's factory was a sensible way forward at the time. And it worked. The program is done, the previously unchecked collateral damage is cut off, most or all of the replicants were destroyed in the factory incident, Larz and Xopsaloff have egg on their face with Marlene, and most of all they've hopefully learned a lesson about keeping us in the dark.

Also, thank you again for passing along what your sources learned about Marlene's quote-unquote 'Brightband' replicants during the cleanup - that dismembered blonde was especially useful. None of us has anything like the complete picture yet. Let's keep each other in the loop.

I'll handle the repercussions with Marlene if she ever traces the contract back to anyone remotely associated with me. Darkwire has nothing; my people made sure. The shadowrunners have gone to ground to lick their wounds, and that generous CorpSec info bounty ought to keep them suppressed.

And hungry. You're welcome.