Ah, finally I get to sit down and write tonight!

Today was just as hectic as planned, though I'm afraid I overestimated my ability to operate on a few hours of sleep. It seems I am not as energetic as I used to be twenty years ago. Needless to say, this entry shall not be long. I'm curled up in bed at the moment.

My team finally decided on my wardrobe collection in the early hours of the morning. They were sluggish and dim, but I soon energized them with the leftover wine. If nothing else goes right on this trip, at least I will look fashionable.

I'm lying down in my bedroom inside my starship now. The pilot has engaged the hyperdrive and we will arrive to Shili by tomorrow! The RRR team is of course following along behind us. I spoke to Shogru briefly today. He is tired, but relieved we are on the way. He will meet us at the star port, one of the few that exist on the planet. His village is located a few miles away, the better to connect to nature.

We've brought along some of the Republic's finest representatives. I expect we will make a grand appearance to these tribes. My adrenaline is going slightly, but I will compose myself with a night of good sleep.

Away from the bustle of Coruscant we go, to escape reality a bit and try to improve the lives of the less fortunate. I have always found it much easier to deal with my own life after fixing the problems in the lives of others. Just a thought from an experienced Senator.

Tomorrow brings good things....