After all the planning and preparation, can you believe my fickle heart just wasn't in the mood for my party tonight?

I suppose it all started with the rain. Yes, of course. It was the rain. Scheduled on a day like this. Ugh. I woke up to a dreary day outside, which only made me want to bury my head in my soft pillow. I have to be careful doing that. I speared my favorite pillow last month with my montrals. It was embarrassing. I'd had that pillow for years! Imported from Mirial, made of only the finest weaving thread in the galaxy. But, regardless -

I had the handmaidens finish up their cleaning while I contacted my stylist. I don't like the way one of them looks at me - what is her name again? Ashla? I must remember to have her replaced soon. It's in her eyes - a kind of hatred I can't stand. She's young , tall and muscular - her montrals are thick despite her young age. A real hard-headed one, she is. Difficult to train, too. I prefer the quiet ones. I'll soon have a new one.

My stylist is a human from Velusia. How he ever managed to learn style there, I will never guess, but it must have inspired him to create the tropical looks he dreams up. He can weave gorgeous fabrics and create these organic looks that you simply don't see on Coruscant. When I need a more somber approach I have locals, but for my birthday I wanted something fresh. He was initially alarmed at the short notice I gave this morning about my change of mind. But, I pay him so well he knew he had to get his thin body up here to help me.

He came in with a sparkly blue thing that shimmered in his arms, and I was instantly in love. It was thin and light, and made my chest appear more voluptuous than it really is. Normally I wouldn't take such risks, but one night a year is no shame. We covered the exposed red flesh with a black wrap and a series of gold chains that's linked down my chest. I looked stunning.

The party wasn't until late, so I had enough time to contact a friend I know in RRR - the Republic Relief Reserve. She is, in fact, the head consultant. She was alarmed to hear of Shogru's troubles and told me she was certain they could accommodate him immediately. Funds had been scattered this year so far, the poor woman, she looked stressed. The galaxy has been in an absolute whirlwind with all of the fighting going on between the Jedi and the Sith. The RRR didn't normally stick its head in such business, because they preferred simpler tasks, like feeding the poor, or clothing the naked. Shili was a prime example of what they did best.

But, anyhow, we've scheduled a trip to my homeworld for tomorrow morning. I'm a bit reserved about what I will see and do. I have not been to Shili since my father's funeral. But I have spoken to Shogru again today and assured him I will make an appearance. Which reminds me - I must send for my other team of stylists tonight before the hour grows too late. I need to combine a look of Coruscant professionalism and Togruta tradition. Something cool and polite, but wild and patterned enough for the tribes. Who knows? We may just make a tour of it, extend the trip to a week so I can travel to the largest villages. Multiple outfits.

My party finally arrived, and by this time I was so captured by the idea of a global tour that I had little patience for hosting. There were loud and mostly faked greetings to my guests, all prepped and poked and pressured into looking hopelessly overdressed for the evening. Wine was poured, food served, scandalous gossip passed around the table. I felt so out of place among peers I couldn't believe I was sitting in MY own apartment. The more wine I drank the moodier I became, the less talkative I was. Finally the senators all left, and now I sit writing this. My makeup is smeared all over my eyes, I've no idea why or how. My head is buzzing from all the drinking and talking. But I must end this chapter for today. My stylists will be angry for waking them now, but it can't be helped. We will be up to the early hours of the morning planning this trip to Shili.

And then - in the morning we must board the flight with our friends at RRR in tow. I would say good night, but no sleep is coming this time.