The view of the city tonight is particularly gorgeous, though I am not in the best of moods to appreciate it. Coruscant is oddly tranquil at this hour, just before the night falls to cloak us all in darkness and make the skyhooks shimmer. Looking out I can see hovercars pass by. The Republic's citizens are carefree tonight, off to go watch some elaborate show, perhaps, or spend all of their credits in a casino. Pedestrians move casually across the walkway far below, most if not all of them wearing expensive furs to protect against the cool winds that funnel off the buildings. I once again thank myself for choosing this location for my apartment. This is one of the wealthier and more peaceful districts of the city.

I catch myself sighing again as I write this. I've been doing a lot of that lately. The other day, after coming in from a long and particularly dull session in the Senate, I once again received a message from Shogru. I was pleased that my leader of one of the largest tribes on Shili had contacted me, and besides that, he is an old friend whom I had not heard from in years. However, his news was most troubling. It seems a devastating plague has struck his people, the likes of which he has never dealt with. He spoke of his people falling ill, the shortages of medicine and food, and the alarming rate at which he was losing them.

I felt quite uncomfortable as he was telling me this. There I was, relaxing on a plush chair, dressed in an exquisite gown I had ordered weeks before, while Shogru went on about the hardships he was facing. My heart did go out to him, and I can only hope I conveyed my sincere worry for him. Judging by the harsh look on his aged face, though, I know better.

I promised him I would speak to a humanitarian branch of the Republic here in the city, and so I shall. This is not the first time I have had to do so on behalf of my people. I recall that inexplicably large fleet of pirates that had landed on Shili and captured several young warriors for slavery, perhaps a decade ago. What they had planned to do with them, I had not been sure, but it couldn't have been nice. I shudder now thinking about the long and laborious task it had been to track the pirates down and reclaim the Togruta. The pirates of course had been killed in the resulting firefight, or so I was told. They should have been taken into Republic custody, but I of course had no control over what happened.
I had made a personal visit to the village that had been attacked, too. It was a nice trip. Has it really been so long ago that I last saw my homeworld? I must remind myself to remind my coordinator to schedule a trip soon. Perhaps I could accompany the medics when they visit Shogru. Yes, it will be good to catch up with the old man.

I could use a vacation away from the city, after all. One can only see Coruscant for so long. It's the buildings. They get old, and they all seem to blur together after a while. I enjoy the sunshine and the fresh breeze, to feel the soft tickle of the grass on my feet. I suppose that's my inner roots coming out. What would my mother think of that? Ha.

But, it is getting late and I must sleep soon. Tomorrow is a big day. I'm hosting an evening dinner for my birthday, and a collection of friends from the Senate are coming over. Even now, behind me, I can hear my handmaidens cleaning the floor. Ah, their machines are annoying. I'll tell them to stop their incessant droning so that I can rest. They will just have to finish the cleaning in the morning. It does not look bad now; the floors are still white and stainless, and the girls have done a thorough job on the windows. I try not to look at my reflection in the window; I know I will only be up late tonight if I do, needlessly poking and prying at my appearance. Oh, that reminds me. I can't forget to summon my stylist a few hours earlier than we had planned. I decided I didn't like that soft blue dress, after all. It didn't compliment my figure well. He will just have to bring along more of his creations. I'm sure we'll be able to find something more appropriate.

Good night, Coruscant.