Crushgaunts are nice. Crushgaunts are useful. Crushgaunts are Mandalorian.
Mine are better.
Crushgaunts enhance the strength of the user, multiplying the force applied by a certain degree. The problem is they only work with the hands, not the arms and not the wrists. Just the fingers, palms, and grip. Sure, it works well if you need to do something with your hands alone, like strangling someone in armor or maybe crushing a lock or pulverizing your opponent's weapon, but if you need to open up a jar of pickles? You're hosed. You could crush the pickle jar, but you're not going to open it with the things which means you're not getting that pickle you want. Why? No power augmentation to the wrists. Means you're only getting enhanced grip strength, not enhanced strength.
That said, if you're a mando who can't open a pickle jar, you've got bigger problems than that, but still. The things are useful, but only finitely. With the designs I have for this powered armor, you can open even the biggest pickle jar if you had to. Or a bulkhead. Or a blast door. Pretty much anything, really.
The trick is the micro servos I've installed. They have an insanely high power yield and strength for their size. The frame on the hands is thinner than the rest of the suit, but it still has the same levels of stress resistance. The servos themselves actually allow the gauntlets to give huge amounts of augmented strength while maintaining a certain level of manual dexterity.
You're not going to be picking up paperclips with these gauntlets, but a pickle jar? Someone skilled enough and well trained in this suit could probably open one up if they're very, very careful. The gauntlets themselves really have to be oversized, though. Almost twice the size of a human hand. This is because a human hand has to go in the thing and there needs to be enough room for the micro servos and the undersuit to go around it.
The end result is... I'll either need to make weapons compatible for the suit or put some integrated weapons into the thing. Not sure which. Guess I'll have to figure that part out soon.
Anyways, the end result is fairly simple. The gauntlets are strong enough to aid the wearer to rip apart whatever they need to whether it be a door, a wall, a hatchway, enemy soldiers, and even vehicles, but are dexterous enough to be functional in many ways. They won't let the wearer use weapons not designed for the size of the armor's gauntlets, but that shouldn't be an issue. At least, it's not an issue right now. Later it may be, but I'll deal with that later.
End result is a set of gauntlets capable of doing what I want them to do, when I want them to do it, and as easily as I need it done.
... Know what? I should test the pickle jar thing. I'll be right back. I think I have a jar of pickles somewhere...