You have come into possession of a lifetime all-access pass to the Freeport Club.


Concealed in the Lum Rouge bordello region of Seven Corners, the Freeport Club is an elite undercover black market and auction house.

Virtually any curio or rare resource is available here, or in dark corners nearby.

While anyone with the right connections or coin can get inside, the Black Tier all-access pass is your go-to introduction to the best of the best dealers and brokers. It also comps your entire bar tab.




Loske Treicolt Okkeus Dainlei Okkeus Dainlei Bella Kiff Brayde Kiff Brayde Maynard Treicolt Robogeber Daiya Daiya Runi Verin Amea Virou Cassus Akovin John Locke Allyson Locke Allyson Locke Xan Deesa