Character Creation Guide

Interested in the Ashlan Crusade, but unsure of where your character will fit? This guide should help get you started! Below is a list of potential angles for you to approach your character's story within the Crusade. Keep in mind, these are only guidelines and ideas. There's a lot of ways to get involved in the Ashlan story, even beyond this list. Drop in and see what we're all about, and help us rid the galaxy of darkness once and for all!


Faction Roles


House of Lords

Every nation needs a system of governance; individuals able to maintain the homefront while the brave crusaders continue their holy mission. The House of Lords fulfills this role, managing government affairs on a planetary level. When gathered, they seek to work with the Crusade’s leadership to maintain peace and stability within the Ashlan sphere of influence as a whole. They are, in many ways, the backbone of the homefront, representing the people in these days of turmoil among the stars.


Ministry of Intelligence

Politics are not always conducted in the light of day. Sometimes, subtlety is required to maintain stability and safety. Sometimes, one must take up the cloak and dagger to ensure the Crusade remains whole. Such is the wheelhouse of the Ministry of Intelligence. The Crusade relies on these individuals to gather intelligence and eliminate threats both foreign and domestic, keeping to the shadows to avoid detection. If espionage and subterfuge are for you, then join the Ministry of Intelligence.


The WorkForce

Over the course of the Crusade’s inception and growth, there have been those willing to throw their wealth and knowledge behind the cause, leading to the formation of the state-run company known as The WorkForce. These individuals are entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, and investors that see a golden opportunity in the revitalization of former Sith Space. They are the source of much of the Crusade’s technological growth, as well as the spearhead in the stabilization and terraforming of otherwise broken planets. Beyond this, they work endlessly to find new technology, both to protect the people, and to aid the Crusade in their tireless quest to defeat the Bogan.


Armed Forces

The military of the Crusade is currently a motley crew, made up of various groups that have coalesced for a singular purpose. This does not mean that they are not without a standing army, however. With the Crusade’s numbers swelling in recent months, new infrastructure was established to further implement a proper standing army, providing the Crusade with a truly professional fighting force, ready to face whatever threats the galaxy may throw at them.


Ashlan Navy

The Grand Fleet of Ashla has been gaining a name for itself, both in times of war and peace. Under the Grand Admiral’s command, the Ashlan navy has been both the hammer and the shield, providing support to the rest of the Crusade’s forces, as well as leading the charge on the humanitarian front. It is by their efforts that the Crusade is able to keep their Space healthy and whole, and by their prowess upon the field of battle that ensures victory among the stars.



The Crusade would be nothing without the unwavering support of the people, and has sought to continue finding ways to put that support to use. Many have joined the frontlines of the fight against the Bogan by forming planetary militias. These groups have been further assisted by a variety of individuals that have come to the Crusade in the name of fortune and glory. Mercenary companies have joined the fold as well, bolstering the forces of the Ashlan people during this age of Chaos. They are the home guard, the scouts, and the freedom fighters, seeking any opportunity to strike against the former oppressors of the Tingel Arm.


Knightly Orders of Ashla

The Knightly Orders of Ashla are the blazing sword of the Crusade, cutting through the darkness with the searing light of justice. A coalition of various Force Orders, both Jedi and otherwise, the Knightly Orders have come together to lead the charge against the forces of the Bogan. Join an existing Knightly Order, or form your own!



The Ashlan Crusade is one bound by faith, and as such, there is a large infrastructure set in place to accommodate the needs of the faithful. The Holy Ashlan Papacy has taken it upon themselves to fulfill this role by centralizing the Ashlan faith and providing guidance to many throughout the galaxy. They are the epicenter of devotion; a movement utterly dedicated to the Crusade’s goals. They are healers, missionaries, and priests bent on helping to spread the word of Ashla.


The Holy Jury

No matter how devout the populace, there are always those that seek to corrupt the innocent and weaken the resolve of the Crusade. It is in these moments that the Holy Jury is called upon to deal with such agents of darkness. They are the seekers of truth, and the protectors of the faith. It is they who are tasked with rooting out the Bogan wherever it may rear its ugly head, and making sure that the sanctity of the faithful is safe and secure. If your desire is to track down and eliminate the forces of the darkness both on and off the battlefield, this is the place to make that happen.


Subfaction: The Petrite Order

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but in the case of the Petrite Order, “friend” is a generous term. A Sith order made up of heretics among their own, the Petrite Order seeks to find a way to work with the Jedi, rather than against them. Through tenuous diplomacy, the Petrite Order has managed to maintain a ceasefire with the Crusade; at least, until the rest of the problematic Sith have been removed from the galaxy. They operate on the fringes of Ashlan society, often working completely independent from the rest of the Crusade. The outcome of this ceasefire is yet to be seen, but until then, they assist in the elimination of the continued existential threat that is their Sith brethren.


Opposition: Sith Cultists

Every nation has its dissidents, and the Crusade is no different. The victories against the Sith have freed many, but in the darkest corners of Ashlan Space, the secret voice of the Bogan remains, attempting to corrupt from within. Whispers of Sith cults and Dark Side radicalists have spread, and remnants of the previous regime lurk in the shadows, awaiting a moment to strike back at the enemies of the Sith.


Possible Character Backgrounds


Ashlan believers

The Ashlan religion has existed for thousands of years, but it has never been as centralized as it is today. The various sects within the belief have found each other unified under one banner. These range from priests, to warriors, to common believers. Many are happy to see their faith validated by the Crusade, and are seeking to do their part to ensure that Ashla’s will is done.


Grayson loyalists

The fall of the Grayson Imperium left a sour taste in the mouths of many individuals. These individuals see the Galactic Alliance as an illegitimate government, formed out of an unjustified coup d'etat. As Cedric once again placed himself on the galactic stage, many of these loyalists emerged from the woodwork, eager to throw their weight behind the new Grayson regime. A multitude of Essonians, loyal to Cedric and waiting to retake their planet, have made their way here as well, hoping to assist their people in reclaiming their homeland.


Sith victims & Tingel Arm natives

The reign of the Sith scarred many worlds across the Tingel Arm and beyond, leaving countless to seek justice for the atrocities committed by their former Sith masters. Some simply seek refuge from the Chaos of the galaxy, and are hoping to find safety and solace within Ashlan borders.


Political & religious idealists

The Crusade is a movement of faith and devotion, both to the will of Ashla, and to Ashlan rule. There are many reasons for such devotion within the Ashlan ranks. Whether one is a religious zealot, or a jaded politician eager for a movement that implements action over words, the Crusade has provided hope for many that are looking for results within the Tingel Arm, and by extension, the galaxy as a whole.


Fellow exiles

In these days of Chaos, many have been searching for fame, protection, wealth, and safety where it is available. There are many among the ranks of the Crusade that don’t fit the blueprint of a crusader, but rather are simply trying to find their place within the galaxy. New frontiers create room for new opportunity, and a chance to prove one’s own worth.