Immediately Following the events in The King's office....

All Across The Empire an afternoon broadcast would interrupt every program, from HNN News to Sith+. The captive audience would see King Rex Valhoun, but Not the King they had come to know and adore. He would look pale. Sweat droplets covered his forehead, his breathing was slow but heavy. His eyes were a hint orange, but also red and swollen as if filled with tears, and a shadow veiled part of his face. A message was then delivered.

"Citizens of The Empire. I come bearing of this very moment, The Empire is no more! This Empire has been plagued by internal dissent for far too long, and today will be a new page. I have narrowly avoided an attempt on my life by the very man entrusted to defend it. Var-Sulis, the bodyguard that failed to protect my father, has betrayed our trust. I believe this is an act provoked by The Dobson Crime Family. As such I have ordered the immediate arrest and execution of Arken, Severus, Broden, Omar, and Linn Dobson. Furthermore I have ordered the arrest of Dorthea, Reggie, Duraldo, and Viken Dobson, however this is expected to be temporary.

His voice had been eerily calm and it began to grow gradually louder.

Regarding my previous comment regarding the end of The Empire, I stand by it. The Empire will be reorganized into The Elysium Imperium. No longer will we claim to be another Empire in a galaxy infested with Empires. We do not follow the governance these Empires follow. We are unique, superior. We are not the proud lion of The Southern Outer Rim anymore. We are The Eagle, with supreme strength and courage we will secure our dominance in this galaxy. We will no longer appease those that constant disrespect us, those that rush toward our borders and mock us...however I promise I will continue to guide this imperium with a steady hand. I will not throw away the lives of our brave patriots in The Navy.

Let us continue our growth into a golden age of prosperity, peace, freedom, and unity.


Many would question the meaning of the message. Already politicians were making emergency calls to their staff. Meanwhile The Dobsons were in a panic. Never had they expected such a bold move, never had they planned for...this. On Spindle VI allies of King Valhoun were concerned, their leader had never been so aggressive. They had not been informed of such changes, and something was clearly wrong. It would be a restless night for the citizens of The Imperium. Change had come. The Empire that had fought in the coalition on Tython just days before, is dead.