The Wilderness was an accommodating place. Within it one could find food, water, shelter, and peace. Immersed within this palace of nature, a man could grow more than they would in one-hundred years of civilized life. So it had been with King Rex Valhoun. He didn't know how long he had spent within the confines of this place. After The Imperium fell, after every last tie he had with his allies had been severed, he had taken what little he had left and returned to where it all began. An unknown planet in the wilderness of the galaxy. With nothing but a map charted by his father during his journey to the wilderness, and some basic supplies, Rex had set up camp in the very place his adopted father rescued him from.

It had been some 25 years.

But Rex didn't know. He didn't care. Everything had been lost. His inability to save The Elysium Empire from the many enemies, internal or otherwise, his failure to be a good husband to Loreena, the mistakes in his battle against The Dobsons, it all led to this. He was a King, now reduced to a savage in the eyes of most civilized people. But he was still King.

King of The Jungle.
King of The Fallen Empire.

The Elysium Imperium was at an end. But Rex's Reign had only just begun.
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