So I went to see Captain America: Civil War today. For some reason we in the Commonwealth get Marvel movies before the United States…ironic considering today was a Captain America movie.
Regardless, this movie will be rightly contrasted with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which came out just a month ago. Both companies were aiming for a superhero battle, something to make their biggest properties clash and raise the stakes.
As readers of my previous review will know, I was not a fan of BVS, and I was concerned that this movie might follow in those faltering footsteps.
I was wrong; Civil War is one of the best Marvel movies, up there with Winter Soldier, Iron Man 1 and The Avengers.
Rather than list the good and bad points, one can simply counterpoint practically every bad point I raised about BVS and contrast it with Civil War, to the former’s detriment.
More characters are used here than in BVS, and yet they all seem to get their moment, including newly arrived Spiderman and Black Panther.
More than that, this movie has the perfect mix of levity and drama. It goes to show I react and become engage far more with a movie with some lightness than an unrelenting dour fog. Having lighthearted moments does not preclude there from being actual drama, and it felt more believable this time as well.
It’s not a perfect movie, but for what it is, Civil War is extremely fun to watch, very well made, well-acted and a perfect example of why the Marvel universe is winning the war over DC.