Denizens of the Galaxy, on this day we mark a transition. For thousands of years, the Jedi have brought stagnation and apathy to what was supposed to be the crux of civilized achievement. Nestled in their cradles of power, they protected the bloated hypocrisies and corrupt politicians who would see you work, bleed, and war for them like slaves. Your idea of freedom is a lie, a construct engineered to protect the status quo in the name of the 'Light'.

Peace is a Lie.

The Force is a river, it carries with it the fate of all those who touch upon it with impunity. But there are those who would set us against one another, agents of change. These river-breakers are the Sith, those who bend the tide and take control over their destinies with a firm hand. You demonize us because we are that which many of you could never be. Blinded by empathy, shackled to obedience, you perpetuate a myth of equality while the galaxy consumes you.

You are slaves.

Caught up in a never ending war between Stasis and Change, the galaxy dies a slow death yearning for release. The wheel keeps spinning yet it is broken. It needs shattered in order to be made whole again, the Sith were reborn as such, cast down in the midst of schism and shadow. Just like the New Sith, the galaxy must finally be laid to rest in order to experience the rebirth long foretold. The faithful of the Brotherhood understand this, they offer this gift to you, freedom. True freedom. Earned by merit, Only the Strong.

My Chains Are Broken.

I have achieved that which many have claimed to do but could not. I have broken my chains. I have seen glimpses of the future and know now what must be done. We stand at the precipice of a new age, a shatterpoint beyond comprehension or comparison lies before us. At Tython, the galaxy will be unmade. I will cast down this terrible dream and bring forth the Galaxy to Come.

War, Death, Rebirth.

The Force Shall Free You. In Death.


A storytelling tool for factions, major and minor to use in participating within the Annihilation of Tython. Have fun!