Dear Cardinal Pietro Demici!
Surely you have also learned and heard that the situation in Panatha has escalated sharply recently. All of this was exacerbated by the fact that the Mandalorian Enclave had attacked the planet. Ironically, their victory was our victory. The rebellion on the planet is over, in fact, I have a much bigger and more important piece of news. Carnifex-Demiurge violated the terms of his exile and returned to the planet.

I managed to capture him in the Netherworld during the invasion, so the former Sith Emperor is in captivity in the Eternal Empire. I am aware that many, including Rurik Fel, or perhaps not even Aerarii Tithe, believe that all our relations with the Sith Empire and all the Sith are over. However, the capture of Lord Carnifex gave us a chance to prove it.

Right now, you are our greatest ally in the Galaxy. That is why I have decided to hand over Lord Carnifex to the Ashlan Crusade, and to you, as a sign of the good intentions of the Eternal Empire. We leave the fate of the former Sith Emperor to the court and judgment of the Ashlan Crusade. I know we could execute him too, but I believe that this move will strengthen our alliance, and I know his defeat and his death is far more important for your faction, and for Lord Grayson than it is to us.

Lady Ingrid L'lerim,
Eternal Empress of the Eternal Empire