Balaya was born on Nar Shadda to a Mandalorian mother, her father was a bounty hunter and out often to make money. Her time was spent with him as he came home and taught her about weapons, when he was gone her mother taught her about her heritage and force sensitivity. She wasn't trained but she did know from hours of practice how to move things minorly. As she aged and approached the time of her trials for adulthood several sith got rowdy in the bar her mother worked and cut her down. In anger Balaya lashed out at them and sent one into a wall as she grabbed a bar knife and stabbed the other. The other sith subdued her and took her with him, she was valuable at least in terms of herself. A mandalorian zeltron with force sensitivity made her unique... too unique to just cut down.

Her training lasted for years and the breaking of her to be trained as a sith took time much to his frustration. Her master finally broke her as she fell to the ground and agreed to submit to his training. He was even more harsh with his methods she learned many things as she grew up under his teaching. After five years she reached the age of 22 and had become a masterful student with a lightwhip and her fists. She stayed with him out of a sense of loyality at first but had learned a few things from him... namely the value of patience. Slowly as he slept she snuck into his room and slit his throat as she sneered looking at him. He seemed surprised and as he laid there she gave him a kiss on his head and took his saber from his nightstand.

Balaya spent the next several years training her mind, powers and body to be one of the strongest sith she could. Her powers seemed lacking but as she set down on Nar Shadda again and went to the bar where her mother had been killed she sneered. Her father was there drunk and she looked upon him as her anger came out and he was pinned to the floor under her heel. The snap of his neck was a welcome sound as she left for home and took what was there. Her fathers armor and ship but also the credits as she went deeper into the under city. There she dug up a doctor and paid him what she had to enhance her body in many ways as long as it didn't show on her skin. Her fathers armor she started to dismantle and strip for its parts. She was going to need it.

Balaya found her way to Ambria and set down near lake Natth as she brought out the supplies she had. She would build a suit of armor for herself and her weapons. The process took a full year of her time and required her meditations as she fashioned it. The armor was an extension of herself and of training but also as she secured into it weapons and devices. Tricks and deceptions from the looks and feel of it to the hidden weapons. Balaya spent her time making it into the ideal weapons, claws and sabers created to augment her. Slowly as the iron and cortosis were dipped and heated and dipped again into the lake she could feel the darkside flowing out of it into her.

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