The Skocha is the king of battle. The crowned prince of Main Battle Tanks. In one hand it carries the destructive power of a god of war and, in the other, a shield thick enough to deter all but the heaviest of attacks. It is the beginning and the end of any war between tanks.
Or, at least, it was.
In many ways, it still is. Skochas rumble into the field and the enemy still flees before it. It still carries the firepower of a god and is capable of striking down the foes arrayed against it. Unfortunately, it has begun to show its age. New tanks are seen on the field more and more in today's world. None can compare to the Skocha's main weapons and few can stand against its terrible wrath. Despite this, however, it has become... outdated to an extent. An old warrior on an ever changing battlefield.
The Skocha still has some years of life to it, still some staying power in the battlefields it is deployed to, but I feel it can be... touched up, just a bit. Improved somewhat. Made more... versatile. I feel that if I do that, once more it will rise to the occasion. I never designed the Skocha to trump everything on the battlefield, though it can threaten nearly anything arrayed against it. I made it to set the standard; to set the bar.
It was designed just as much to be the forefather of future tanks as it was to go to war.
In such a role, it has done admirably and served well. It is now time to rise into the role once more as war changes yet again.
The plans I have in store are simple. The cannon has become easy to find and easy to replicate, to an extent. I have decided to reverse engineer the J-1 Semi-autonomous proton cannon built onto the Skocha and design a newer, more powerful variant of my own design. Defensive systems will be updated and redesigned entirely to compensate for the new weapons and tactics on the field. New weapon systems will be added to the final design that are capable of engaging ground targets and infantry with ease despite new advances in armor protection and tactics. Finally, a reactive defense against assaulting infantry and creatures will be added to protect the tank from harm and to repel infantry effectively.
The idea is to make the tank capable of keeping up with the newest weapons of war while maintaining the same design concepts as the original Skocha. My goal here is to create quality, not quantity. Others encourage mass produced powerhouses of metal and steel. I, however, will create works of art on the battleground; each capable of holding the field against many times their number. It is but a question of technique, technology, and common sense to create the most effective machine possible.
It is a hard task, but a worthwhile one. With luck and perseverance, I should be up to the task. The only question is where to start and what challenges await.