This is probably my first 'real' blog post, anyway.

For the last two or three months you might've noticed that I've been a bit irritable, occasionally made a passive-aggressive remark, or outright snapped at someone. I've got no justification for that stuff but like others I have my bad moods; just I don't keep myself in check.

But because I'm an adult I shouldn't be acting that way -- especially not on a forum in the company of those wiser or younger than myself. So if I ever make a comment you felt was not friendly please give me a shout because I'm at fault there. Hopefully you won't ever have to message me about it as I'm trying my best to be better around the forums. Again, just send me a PM or something and I'll be sure to apologize and adjust my attitude.

Now, I don't really want to end on that note so I'll let you watch this cool video!