If you ask ordinary people to name things about Star Wars, one of the top five will likely be lightsabres, after Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Yoda and some other random thing.
Lightsabre are one of the things that sets apart Star Wars from any other sci-fi setting. And yet, the notion that a sword would be any use in the future must have seemed weird. Swords went out along with powdered wigs and flintlock muskets here on Earth after all.
Yet the Lightsabre has endured since the beginning to still be a major part of the franchise. Every Jedi and Sith has one and forms and other things have grown up over the years to add to them.

So why is it that they seem to be overlooked on most RPing boards? I think this ties in with my previous discussions quite well. The power of the Force has risen to give players basically space magic, complete with elemental and summoning abilities. Add to that the youth of many Masters and it becomes harder to find a place for melee combat.
It is, of course, harder to write as well, and I mean that for both sides. Sending Force Lightning at someone doesn't require much in the way of deep visualisation, but a lightsabre requires technique to write as well as for the character to use. This is one reason why it's the lesser used weapon I feel.

Personally I have no problem with this, as the technical issues of writing a duel make it very complex unless the other writer is very clear. Yet, I cannot help but be nostalgic for an invasion not decided by Force storms or mentalism, but one decided by a very literal duel of lightsabres.