Confederacy First. Some in the galaxy would have companies, even interstellar governments believe these words herald the End of All Things. While some relocate their headquarters in a bid to excise tax breaks resulting from a bidding war among worlds, others champion the so-called surveying of a new hyperlane. Scattered between these grandiose announcements are statements that beggar belief. I am here before you now, Falleen, to assure you such things are furthest from the truth.​
As residents of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, little has changed. You remain free to enter and leave the Confederate worlds as you did before. To those with friends, family, and business contacts outside of these territories rest assured that an orderly, affordable, and accessible passport will be made available. The intent of Confederacy First -- despite what some will have you believe -- is to ensure our security, not to sever contacts with the rest of the galaxy.​
To think that many other governments throughout the galaxy do not share this sentiment should in fact alarm their constituents. Without any security such territories are sure to be rife with bandits, pirates, spies, and assassins. The outrage and consternation seems to distract from such shortcomings.​
Meanwhile, Falleen's industrial and financial sectors have ever been the lifeblood of our world. While the introduction of security along the border and customs checks will require some adaptation, I can assure you that I, Empress Xivar, will represent your best interests before the Viceroyalty; and that the legislation soon to be introduced to make form of the Executive Order will not unduly harm our interests or those of our partners.​
Let it be known that any and all people, companies, and worlds of the galaxy may forever rely upon their Falleen partners across all industries and products. Our world remains open to the needs of all, and like the Confederacy has not turned their backs to the many opportunities that await.​
May Fortune smile upon us all.​