(Scenes of utter Devastation on Sev Tok)

(Camera focuses on massive pile of dead Bryn'adul. At the center of that Pile is a Model 1, destroyed beyond repair capabilities.)

NEWS ANNOUNCER: This scene, of multiple dead Bryn'adul to a few of the murderous Soldier Droids known as The Nuetralizers, are a common sight in the Aftermath of Sev Tok. Their fearsome capability has been proven here beyond all doubt.

NEWS ANNOUNCER: Their arrival at Sev Tok was at the eleventh hour. The Nuetralizers arrival was met with fear and trepidation. But this time they did not arrive as enemies, but as benefactors, bringing strange Prototype Anti-Bryn'adul Weaponry, and rapidly organizing The Militia into a fighting Force capable of resisting what has so far proven a nearly unstoppable menace that has killed multiple societies and repeatedly routed and humiliated conventional armies of even the strongest factions.

(Camera cuts to a field of impaled Juggernaut Ultras)

NEWS ANNOUNCER: Over the course of the night, what had initially started as a near certain win for the Bryn'adul, even with the presence of multiple powerful factions grew more unsteady. The Nuetralizers are said to have fought with Fanatical rage, ruthlessly killing or torturing even the strongest Bryn'adul warriors, inflicting hidious executions such as the scene just shown, leading a Militia that almost certainly would have been routed in the first hours instead to victory.

(Cutaway to Black and White photos of Militia and Model 1's and 2's fighting side by side.)

(Camera footage of Model 1 severing a Juggernaut's screaming head with a chainsaw)

NEWS ANNOUNCER: The following are multiple interviews from Militia Eyewitnesses as to The Nuetralizers in action

(Camera cuts to heavily injured Sev Tok Militia member, a woman with multiple bruises and cuts)

(Militia Woman's voice plays over a Black and White Photo of a Model 1 captured shooting a Juggernaut in the head. The exit wound can clearly be seen erupting, suggesting the photo was taken as it happened.)

MILITIA WOMAN: I didn't know what those fething things were. Scared the chit out of me the first time I laid eyes on them in that evacuation tunnel. I could see all those red photo-receptors of theirs in the dark, flanking the traitor they call Laertia. They ain't got expressions, being designed like skeletons and all, but I swear, angle their head and teeth a certain way and it looks like they're grinning. I didn't know why they had teeth until I saw one bite a big Bryn'adul's throat out. It was creepy, how polite they were. They walk and talk like men. No Droid in the way they move.

MILITIA WOMAN: They have names. Actual names. I didn't know about that until I met a human sized one. His name was Gerard. He introduced himself--even asked how I was feeling!--then he went and showed me this creepy ass rifle I'd never seen before. It looked like it was made of muscle. It squirmed in my hand and creeped me out to hold it...but it was easy to work. And I gotta say, watching one of those Bryn Motherfethers heads explode was satisfying.

(Camera footage of a column of Model 2 Nuetralizers marching toward the center of Anvil leading columns of Militia behind them. Audio recording of Nuetralizers singing begins to play)


MILITIA WOMAN: They take joy in killing their enemies. You pick up on that right away if you ever meet one. But these were the best allies I'd ever had. I was sure we were dead when The Bryn'adul landed, and then I watched a big one shred apart three in the span of 007 seconds and suddenly, I begin to think. "Maybe we might die. But we're gonna take a ton of them with us."

MILITIA WOMAN: I was in one of their columns. They went out of their way to take the very worst of attacks for us, whenever possible. That's why I'm still alive. A Model 2 stepped in front of a rocket for me. They're utterly fearless. They have to be to fight The Bryn'adul. We all have to be as fearless and as ruthless as they are to stop The Bryn'adul.

(Camera cuts to footage of a Neutralizer Model 2 slowly impaling a screaming Juggernaut through his hearts. There is no audio)

(Camera cuts to A Civilian man in a torn set of clothes, missing an arm, whose stump has recently healed.)

CIVILIAN VOLUNTEER: As the battle dragged on with the Lobsters they set up a shield dome that was one way through. No way out. My brother was fighting in there, so I knew I had to go to him. The Skeletons started asking if anyone would rather stay and fight. My hand was one of the first to go up. They were tearing the armor from Lobster Corpses, strapping little shards of it to us for body armor, figuring Bryn metals might better resist Bryn Weaponry. It worked. To a degree. By the middle of that fight we were using the big feths for barriers and sandbags. We even used some of the Model 2's for sandbags. The Big Ones call themselves Model 2's. I even repaired one. For something so sophisticated, it's surprisingly easy to fix. The Model 1's, the human sized Skeletons? They have blood, like mercury, except it moves on its own. I watched one get up after I thought it destroyed. Scared me half to death. But it sure scared the hell out of the insects they brought with them a lot more. Split Jaw feths bought it too.

(Camera cuts to a black and white photo of a pair of Model 1's, First Sister , and The Black Knight herself slaying Bryn'adul.)

(Camera cuts back to the Civilian)

CIVILIAN: Don't let the propaganda fool you. Sure, without the factions uniting we would have lost, whether The Nuetralizers or their master was there or not. But if it was just the factions there but no Nuetralizers? Maybe we would have still won. But way less of us would be alive to talk about it.

NEWS ANNOUNCER: As we continue our in depth interview series on The Sev Tok Aftermath, we will shift the focus of our interviews to various Jedi Knight's and actual military. Stay tuned.