("Summer in The City" by The Lovin' Spoonful Plays OOC)

(Overhead Drone Shot of Jedi Temple on Coruscant)

(Multiple shots of Coruscant city scape around temple)

(Camera cuts to street levels of people walking to various buildings)

(Camera cuts to image of vendors on various streets and alleys)

(Street cameras focus on a Jedi teaching his padawan to focus on the Force through meditating in the middle of a crowded public park on one of the upper city platforms)

Jedi Master: Good, Padawan. When you learn to clear your mind of destractions, the Force will open up, and guide you ever deeper into its will."

Padawan: I understand, Master.

Jedi Master (Chuckles) : Not yet, my young learner, but you're getting there.

Padawan (Points to the sky) Look Master!"

(Street Camera shows Master looking up as mysterious heavy freighter flies overhead, releasing large packages on parachutes all over the City, but especially around the Jedi Temple.)

(Camera shows Master frowning as Freighter flies offf, apparently being pursued by two Alliance starfighters.)

(One of the packages is shown floating gently to the surface a short distance from them. It's wrapped in a pink bowtie.)

(Jedi Master walks over to package, growing visibly more distressed, and begins violently tearing it open)

Padawan: Master, what is it?

Jedi Master: Call a med-evac! Call it NOW!

(Camera closes in on contents of package.)

(It contains a Jedi in dirty, bloody robes, missing his arms and legs and jaw, the symbol of the Order branded into his head, and the triangle symbol of House Io branded into his chest. He is still alive from some sort of crude life support, with a note attached that says "Cut off from the Force like the others. Enjoy fixing. Sincerely, Darth Xiphos.")