Sularen sat within his office within his Palace on O’reen, contemplating the recent events that had transpired on Exegol. After a decade of terrorizing the galaxy, the Brotherhood of the Maw had finally been vanquished by the Galactic Alliance, their might shattered on their very own throneworld which in a twist of irony ended up suffering the same fate as Csilla, the very world whose destruction had begun the Second Great Hyperspace War. Just like at Tython, the Maw’s leadership had suffered severe blows with Darth Mori, Kyrel Ren and Tu’teggacha all confirmed dead while Darth Ptolomis, Mori’s Shadow Hand had gone missing and was also presumed dead.

With the demise of the Maw, the veil of protection they provided to Sularen’s powerbase within the Final Dawn was now gone, and without a sponsor as prominent and powerful as the Maw, the Final Dawn was now vulnerable as it’s enemies began to close in on their territories within the Unknown Regions and in the Trailing Sectors threatening to undo what it had taken a decade to realize. The Final Dawn was under siege, and Sularen feared that his demonstrations of force at both Selvaris and Exegol would not be enough to deter the hubris of his many foes, who would most likely seek to further dismantle his hard work.

Regardless, despite not being in the best of situations, the High Regent of the Final Dawn was not ready to give up just yet and he was ready to put up a hell of a fight if it meant securing his future and the integrity of the powerbase he had taken so much time to build. He still possessed a powerful military force and had agents scattered across the galaxy. While the Maw was gone, the Final Dawn still remained and with the aid of its newfound allies it would-. Sularen’s thoughts were almost immediately interrupted as the doors leading into his office opened as his trusted aide, Colonel Rackham proceeded to enter the room, walking up to the High Regent’s desk.

Here is the latest report from Director-Admiral Sevenar from the Trailing Sectors” Rackham said. He then handed over a datapad to Sularen who proceeded to thoroughly read the document attached. “The Alliance and Rimward Trade League closing in on Woostri, increased military activity from the Rimward Trade League and rumors of a potential summit between the leaders of the RTL and Vandar Tarkin?” Sularen said in a somewhat surprised tone as he outlined the main topics of the report. “All apparently true, '' Rackham said in response. “...and yet just a few months ago I was told that they were in a state of Stagnation and that they would soon fade into obscurity like the First Order in the shadow of the resurgent Sith Order further South,” Sularen added.

That was our previous assumption, yes. But as you can see, times have changed, especially with the collapse of numerous galactic governments and it's most certain that they have received an influx of people from now defunct nations seeking new purposes” Rackham said. “So I've heard. Those Rimwarders apparently now have their own Jedi Sect and according to this report, are no longer to be considered as being in its infancy which further complicates matters for us. Not to mention the fact that they have received a considerable influx of former Imperials along with the Alliance and the Black Sun.” Sularen replied. Rackham gave no response to the High Regent's statement only offering a nod in agreement, a massive power vaccum had engulfed the galaxy and already the Final Dawn was far behind other factions. Sularen sighed before leaning back in his chair and speaking once more. “Order the Director-Admiral to initiate Project : Redoubt with our holdings in the Trailing Sectors. The Shipyards at Seswenna and our assets on Woostri are to be prioritized.” Sularen ordered.

...and what about our unfinished business in the area, sir? Shouldn't we address those issues” Rackham asked, referring to the many loose ends the Final Dawn had in the region, which included Vandar Tarkin and his Eriadu Authority, the Marque and Reprisal Letter from the Rimward Trade League and Starlyte Station’s treacherous collaboration with the Black Hand. “The Hand of Judgement will deal with them in time. For now we must preserve our strength and secure all assets that could further advance our plans. I intend to secure our powerbase and maintain our place as a prominent power within the Intergalactic Geopolitical arena

After the High Regent finished, Rackham proceeded to turn around in order to leave although before he left, Sularen spoke once more. “Oh, and one more thing Colonel. Prepare my shuttle for departure.” Sularen ordered. “Sir?” Rackham said, inquiring about the High Regent’s intentions. “It’s about time we checked up on Overseer Pryce’s Progress on Sharb. Hopefully he has found anything of value that could help us in dealing with these constant headaches. The sooner we find something, the sooner we can deal with our…unfinished business and politely remind those who think they can undermine us of the true might of the Final Dawn.” Sularen proclaimed

Very well sir.” Rackham said, before leaving the High Regent’s office. Now alone, Sularen proceeded to open one of the drawers within his desk, taking out a Voidstone Fragment gifted to him by Onrai. After taking a few seconds to contemplate while staring at the Fragment, the High Regent stuffed the Voidstone in his pocket before standing up and walking towards the entrance of his Office, ready to execute to face the many challenges that lay ahead of him, determined to overcome them and finish what he and Solipsis started all those years ago.