"My name iss Khefiir, a Knight of the New Jedi Order. Thiss message ansswerss the manifesssto that Laertia Io Laertia Io ssent to the Galactic Allianssse.

"Above all, you claim trusst your own judgment of right and wrong, ass many of uss do," the Trandoshan said to the holocam. "But either you are lying or you are ssimply wrong. I know thiss not becausse of the many Jedi you have murdered, but becausse I have sseen you laugh at your alliess' brutal deathss. Your argumentss are hollow and untrusstworthy at besst, disshonesst at worsst. You are not the lone voissse of reassson. You are jussst another delussional psssychopathic pawn of the Sssith."