This Message was transmitted via a heavily encrypted signal to both GA and NIO computers

To the NIO and GA Government:

What the GA see in the NIO over the Sith is something I do not understand. They've done nothing the Sith wouldn't have. The government is completely Anti-Democratic. What the hell is the difference between supporting them and supporting the Sith? I may kill without mercy, but I only want to stop the Bryn'adul who kill everyone and everything they come into contact, and my efforts to martial a unified response between disparate groups ignored in the wake of your blood feud have been continually hampered and frustrated by your refusal to temporarily cease your war with the Sith. Do you understand the kinds of wounds in The Force The Bryn'adul create with the unrelenting slaughter of their war machine? They are getting worse. And you are not helping.

From the first moment I heard of them I didn't trust them. The Iron Sun is nothing but Diet Sith Empire that wants to be the new boss at any cost, even if it means leaving The Galaxy vulnerable to the depravity of the Bryn'adul. The Jedi are so afraid and hateful of the Sith they forget Tyranny doesn't need a Red Lightsaber to be effective. But apparently it stopped needing to call itself Sith in order to be properly ignored by its enemies until its too late. And there are enough Dark Adepts from what I've seen of their Imperial Knights who I beheaded at Bastion and Dantooine that I don't have much confidence in them not eventually becoming the people they rebelled against.

I know the Sith will betray me. But the GA are fools if they think the Iron Sun won't eventually want to shine its light on the worlds of the Alliance and rule those as well as those of the Sith that you foolishly helped them conquer.

The refugee crisis worsens. Dubrava had to be evacuated by the Commonwealth due to the Bryn'adul encroachment. And still you fight the Sith. They're laughing at us, watching us weaken ourselves fighting each other. Its what they want.

What's it gonna take for the GA and NIO to realize how big a threat they really are? They gotta get literally to your doorstep, where there are no worlds left for the refugees to flee to and your economies are in freefall from your impending annihilation. That Ryv , the supposed Sword of the Jedi, could call a power hungry lunatic like Irveric Tavlar ally out of anything more than naked, irrefutable convenience...

I don't want power. I don't care about the War with the Dark Side at this moment. You've never won it. You're fools to think you'll win it now, when already two powerful splinter factions of Sith are already rising up to provide yet more needless distractions.

To the Jedi who support the NIO to the point of actually daring to be part of their faction: You shall be shown no more quarter or regard from me than I would show a Rakghoul. You betray and continue to betray the Galaxy by supporting the NIO and not doing all you can to urge them to a temporary truce.

To The GA Leadership who formed this wretched Triumvirate: Snakes, the lot of you! You are as guilty as the Bryn'adul in your tacit refusal to face them with all your might, even if it means The Sith have a chance to recover! What happens next will be as much on your head as it will be mine.

To the Jedi of the Galactic Alliance: Look past your feud with the Sith! Just look past that for one second and think about all the planets and societies the Bryn'adul murdered while you are having your big, heroic war with the Sith! The Bryn'adul will not stop killing whatever they come into contact with, and though history will judge me as a butcher and traitor, it shall judge you (That is, if there is somebody left other than the Bryn'adul) as something much worse. It will judge you as heroes in name only who went after one villain to the detriment of a much worse, much more immediately destructive villain, and everyone around you paid the price for your neglect and apathy.

I'll keep sending Stormtroopers, Soldiers, and Jedi back in boxes the more you insist on fighting this two-front war. I will regret it. Heavily. But I am going to do it. The Bryn'adul are the greater threat and unless we all unite, now, while we still can, they will do far greater damage before they are finally stopped...if they are stopped.

I just hope they don't have to destroy Coruscant before you finally start to listen. You are currently part of the problem. Both of you. The Sith butchered my family on Dantooine, when I was a child. I will never forget or forgive that. But I am not so blinded by my own tragedy as to ignore the catastrophic danger the Bryn'adul represent to Galactic Society.

When they are dead, or defeated, I'll be perfectly happy to step back and let you kill each other. You deserve each other at this point. But as long as you foolishly insist on throwing your lives away needlessly for Tavlar and the ambition of Adhira Chandra , my blade shall oppose you in as many battles as I can partake in to thwart your insensible and completely selfish dreams.

Signed, The Black Knight of Nar Kreeta.