As anyone who knows me is aware, I tend to have odd dreams. Most of them make very little sense, even in the dream, and are usually quite surreal.

But last night I had what I think is my first ever Star Wars dream. Hopefully it’s not the plot of Episode VII…but with JJ Abrams in charge…who can be sure?

So it starts Luke Skywalker, now old (presumably after all the existing books) decides to go on a trip to Yavin to see where it all began. He takes his X-Wing and R2-D2 along with him and heads out. Along the way he meets Han and Leia and they decide to come along in the Falcon.

As they approach Yavin though something weird happens and they suddenly find themselves back in time to the great battle. Only this time some Sith or Imperial (it’s not made clear in the dream) has warned the Imperials of the flaw, and the attack on the Death Star fails and there’s a huge fleet of Imperial ships which has shown up.

I soon woke up, but it seemed like the story would be for the older heroes to teach their younger selves what was necessary, and try to defeat the Empire a second time.

Now, there’s a whole bunch of problems with this, but I admit it is somewhat intruiging!