The following was sent to all major NJO Strongholds via encrypted transmission:

You were warned. You and Ryv Ryv , the Sword of The Jedi. Yet you bring your warriors to these battles. Throw your Knights, your Padawans to die in battle against me. Your selfishness echoes across the Galaxy in your refusal to call off your war, and refugees swarm the borders of survivors from the Bryn'adul's onslaught.

What part of the Bryn'adul threat are you all too dense to understand? They are a plague. Every Society they encounter, they murder. Period. They don't even want slaves, yet you insist on throwing half your efforts to your old rivals. Rivals you have consistently failed to eliminate in any meaningful way for the last thirty or indeed, the last few thousand years. Its the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

Part of me thinks I shouldn't be so harsh in how I word this. But you have left me little choice.

I figured after Dantooine one of you would see reason. That disaster was entirely your fault, Karis. You went there on your own initiative and led them into a pointless meat grinder. How many Jedi died in that ambush on the temple? How many Jedi pointlessly lost their lives at Korriban, in spite of the supposed victory. A few more such 'victories' and you shall meet ruin for your faction. That's not even getting to the disaster at Ziost. I heard you got a few friendly kills in when the madness hit, Ryv. For someone who wants so badly to defeat the Sith, you're awfully naive in your lack of preparation beyond your trust in the Force. How many apprentices did you gut? How many did all of you gut for just being there? Just being what they are? Yet you still have the nerve to call me a mass murderer. All I'm doing is the same thing you're attempting to do. Its just that I'm better at it. I'm more honest about it. But because you're the ones the butchering is happening to, suddenly you're indignant. You've got a lotta guts acting indignant after what you've pulled so far with the NIO.

Understand this of me: If the Jedi Code means I gotta help fools wage war against the wrong enemy, I will reject that Code each and every time.

I may be a monster for opposing you. And I truly am sorry that I have to keep doing this. But I will keep doing it because the future of the Galaxy is more important, and the societies we can still save matter more, and their families matter more than any one Jedi I have slain and will continue to slay. They matter more than your impossible feud with the Sith that you have never won.

I would have happily assisted you once the Bryn'adul were no longer an issue. I would have happily continued as nothing more than an ebon eyesore your prim and proper masters in their fancy robes either ignored or tolerated out of convenience. But no, you must pursue your feud. And you are willing to lie down with NIO dogs to try and stack the deck, not realizing (or perhaps not caring, given your nose-blindness to the stenche of fanaticisms similar to your own) that they will likely turn on you the same way you rightfully suspect the Sith will likely turn on their allies once the Bryn'adul are no longer a factor.

At least I am aware of the potential treachery in such a pernicious "ally" as the Sith. All I can do is sharpen my knife for the day it happens. Yet none of you as yet seem even willing to acknowledge the possibility that you ultimately can't trust 'any' type of Imperial, whether they have Sith backing them or not. There's a reason Democracy and Imperialism always comes to blows. The two cannot truly co-exist. Nor should they. But they can momentarily hold hands long enough against something worse, before those hands are raised in war against each other once more.

It is useless to plea, perhaps, but I exhort you: Stop making me kill you motherfethers. Withdraw your support from the NIO if they will not accept a temporary truce. Because I will keep killing as many of your Jedi as possible as long as you keep going to pointless battles to break up the Elder Compact in your short sighted ambition. I will feel great remorse for every death. But I will keep doing it. The Galaxy is more important than whatever pain the Sith inflicted on you or your loved ones. It will always be more important than the will of the Force or The Jedi Code.

You may say I have no honor. You are correct. One hundred percent. I have no honor.

But you are slaves to it.