I've seen the latest panic attack the Republic has given to the galaxy and that they seem confident to seize private property of ATC within their borders. They've done the same to Tenloss and just about any other corporation unwilling to commit to their cause or any who have outright questioned their competency.
While Tenloss only has one, small facility within Republic borders and ATC has a bit more at stake, this affects us all. A ripple effect, if you will. If they expand to worlds with corporate presences they've targeted, we come under attack. I know enough of you and your reputation that they've truly stepped in it this time, but all corporations affected must come together to stand united, if only for this crucial issue. If not, even the largest companies are fighting handicapped to an extent.
Consider my help given. Call on me if you need to and keep me informed of anything you need me to do. My security troops are more than capable and my armored units utilize some of the best tanks in the galaxy. Give the word and I'll come with Tenloss troops as quick as possible.
We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately.