The Vision
Harnaidan, capital of Muunilinst, home to the InterGalactic Banking Clan, who played a massive role in the Grand Plan centuries ago.
I, in my esteemed wisdom, have decided to venture into the past and review the particular history revolving our impact in the business sectors across the Galaxy. For it was the Sith'ari himself who instructed those that would follow him to venture into the heart of the Galactic Republic, infiltrate it's system and attack from within, as we planned our revenge against the decadent Knights of the Republic.
Our method of attack has taken many forms. It was Darth Bane who formulated the Rule of Two. Even his legend and that of his legacy could not be hidden behind the veil of the Four Hundred Year Darkness, which led to the undoing of the Jedi Order once. But the Sith Lords that would follow and enter the annuals of history that is the Order of the Sith Lords, discovered many arcane secrets and knowledge that were subsequently lost, as we formulated the Grand Plan.
The tale of Darth Plagueis the Wise teaches us that immortality is possible. Such was the impact of the tale, that my Sith Master, Darth Pandeima, sought to create a perfect unity between the two of us, for the second time in our Order's history. It is said that Plagueis had the ability to stop others from dying, or to bring the dead back to life. Before him, Darth Tenebrous- his Sith Master- experimented in order to determine and shape the future. Even Darth Ramage was said to have delve into the arcane mystery of time travel, but ultimately each were fruitless and their discoveries lost in the decades between now and then.
I could go on, detailing the Sith Lords that predated the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Sith'ari, but if there is anything to learn from the history, it is that the most effective method of attack that our Order has managed to not only sustain, but indeed culminate in the destruction of the Jedi Order, is our influence and creativity in the world of business.
Without the InterGalactic Banking Clan and the machinations of Hego Damask- a masterful orchestration on the part of Plagueis- then the Clone Wars that ultimately undid the Galactic Republic would not have occurred. Indeed, I have already observed the affects of corporations and the subtle designs of their owners affect the Galaxy and consequentially shape it, such as the recent debacle involving Prime Minister Genevieve Lasedri and her attempt to nationalize all corporations found in Republic space, warranting the wrath of entrepreneurs such as Danger Arceneau and Rygel Larraq, the latter who would later invade Roche with the Mandalorian clans in order to protect the assets of Mandal Hypernautics.
So, we will amass the same wealth, power and strength that our predecessors collected in order to support the same imperative: fulfilling the promise of the Sith Order. Only when the Jedi Order is destroyed, can we then rule the Galaxy. Already, we have begun our plot to destroy the Jedi. But let us learn from the mistakes of our predecessors first.
I shall name this copy Banites & Corporations.